About Gigi's

Gina-Maria Santoro, or Gigi as she is known on the tennis court, is the proprietor of Gigi's Boutique.  Gina-Maria had always dreamt about owning her own business, but with an accounting degree and multiple years in finance, she wasn’t sure how to evolve her business acumen and love of fashion and shopping into a lucrative business, until one day the perfect opportunity presented itself.    
In 2014 Gina-Maria and her husband, Dr. Anthony Santoro, were presented with the chance to open their first store, Giovanni's Fine Fashions & Custom Tailoring, upon learning the current men's haberdashery in Newtown was closing.  They both knew there would be a huge demand and the timing was perfect, so they took a shot.   As the years progressed Gina-Maria established a wonderful customer base and became known for not only a quality product but also top notch customer service.
Since its inception in 2014 Giovanni's has become the premier destination for men's high end fashions and custom apparel. The reaction of the local community has been so outstanding that Giovanni's Fine Fashions was awarded "One of the best of Bucks" in 2016 and 2017, as well as “Best in Bucks,” 2018 & 2019 for both Independent Men’s Clothing Store and Tailoring services. 
As time went on it became apparent that there was just as much of a need for a quality women's shop in the area. While working her shifts at Giovanni's, Gina-Maria would often be asked by the wives and girlfriends of her customers "when will you have a place for us to shop?" The question was asked over and over until one day the decision was made that they would begin to search for the ideal location for a sister store. Today Gigi's Boutique is nestled just steps away from its brother store Giovanni's Fine Fashions right on State Street in Newtown Borough, Bucks County, PA.
The mission of Gigi's is to provide mothers and daughters exclusive brands with sophistication and a touch of southern style, all delivered with first class customer service.